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2012 Class Combinations

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Figure 8s  -  Hip Drops  -  Abdominal Locks  -  Camels  -  Percussives

Figure 8 Combinations

Click here for the handout.

Video clip

Hip Drop Combinations

Click here for the handout

Video clip


Abdominal Lock Combinations

Click here for the handout

Video Clip

Camel Combinations

Click here for the handout

Video Clip

Percussive Combination

Count 1-8 - percussive, the accent is stepping back onto right foot on counts 1 & 5, with the abdominal lock in/butt down, travelling Right
Count 1&2 - percussive, as before, on count 1, pause on count 2
Count 3&4 - step backwards LR, turning 180° to face the back
Count 5-8 - circle x 1½ (RFLBRFL) - with optional abdominal lock R diagonally inward on final count of 8

Repeat in the same direction to end up facing front again.

Variation: You can make the percussives more technically challenging, by doubling up the timing, so that you are doing the accent on 1,3,5,7,1

Variation: If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can double up the percussives again, so that you are counting 1&2&3&4&5&6&7&8&1, with the accent on the number (not the &).

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Updated 27th March 2012