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This section of the site is for my ideas on Costume, including:

Costume & Colour

Making Costumes - My patterns for:

Fun with Rhinestones

Barely There Footwear - for those who like the barefoot look but still want to protect their feet. Includes information on local (Surrey) stockists.



Here are a few links to useful & interesting costume sites, for information and inspiration:

  • Costumers Notes - this site hasn't been updated for ages, unfortunately, but it's well worth a visit.

  • Costume Goddess - The Costume Goddess also writes for Shira's costume pages.

  • Shira's Costuming Pages - as ever, Shira's site contains an enormous amount of useful and practical information.

  • Nadya's Sewing Instructions - a brilliant site for would-be costumers.

  • Shushanna's Costume Pages - a new site, with lots of useful information and illustrations.

  • Ozma's Costumes - Ozma is a dancer who makes a lot of her own costumes, and rehabs costumes for herself and others. She posts details of her projects, with many pictures. Very inspirational!

  • Dahlal International Dancers Designs - Dahlal International is a site for Dance supplies, which includes Dancer Designs- costume ideas that you can put together very easily, updated every couple of months. It also includes a two-monthly newsletter (Inside the Harem), which is well worth perusing.



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Updated 27th June 2011