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Farnham- Tuesdays - All Abilities    

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FARNHAM- Tuesday evenings
All Abilities class 8.00-9.30pm

Course Aims-
to teach Middle Eastern Dance (Egyptian style), at Beginner, Improver or Intermediate level.

Target group-
This course is designed to appeal to newcomers to belly dancing, as well as to more experienced learners, including ex-Belly Dance students wishing to return.

The Improvers Summer 2016 course will start 12th April and continue until 5th July. There is a half-term break on 31st May.

Details of material covered-
Students will practise Beginner/Improver/Intermediate level techniques of Middle Eastern, primarily Egyptian, dance, according to personal ability and experience.
They will start to learn a choreographed routine (to be continued in the Spring term), and practise some improvised dancing, in groups.

These classes are run by Surrey Adult Learning - contact them on 0300 200 1044 for administrative information & bookings.


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Updated 6th April 2016