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Sites with lots of useful information

Shira's Art of Middle Eastern Dance - This is absolutely the Biz!  My first port of call if I need any information about the dance
Kashmir- A New Zealand site
Anthea - aka Kawakib
Orientaldancer- includes translations of song lyrics



Aladdin's Cave - Highly recommended
Farida Costumes - Absolutely gorgeous Costumes
Hipdrop - Excellent value and some interesting designs
Hilary's Bazaar - Hilary also has an actual shop as well
The Shimmy Shop
Silkdancer - Stunningly Beautiful Silk Veils
Whirling Dervish - Michelle also has a shop, in Eccles

The Stars

Article about Lucy
Fifi Abdou- Egypt's most celebrated belly dancer
Hours of Glory - Profile of Nagua Fouad
Article about Lebanese dancer Amani
Yasmina - The English Rose of Cairo
Samasem of Cairo - Swedish dancer

UK Dance Associations

MADN - Mosaic Arabic Dance Network, the biggest UK association for Middle Eastern Dance
NADA - Northern Arabic Dance Association
Raqs Sharqi Society
Wiggle - a great informational website, based in the North of England, but not confined to it
The JWAAD Teachers' Association

UK Dancers

Josephine Wise
Asmahan - OK, so she's American, but she lives here
Emma Chapman
Chris Gould
Kitty Kohl
Raks Candi - a very informative website
Yvette Cowles


Overseas Dancers & Teachers

Yousry Sharif - Egyptian now based in New York
Aziza - of Montreal
Jillina - of the Bellydance Superstars
Beata & Horacio Cifuentes - Berlin
Artemisia - Belgian dancer/teacher who visits the UK quite a lot
Ava Fleming - fabulous dancer & teacher
JimBoz - another wonderful American dancer & teacher
Alexandria - California
Desert Moon Dance - an excellent link site


Interactive / E-zines

Bhuz - a web community, with Discussions, Events, Swapmeet, etc.
The Gilded Serpent - an online magazine
Shimmy Cast - a podcast, that you can listen to online, or download to listen to later.

BellydanceForums - (a.k.a. Oriental Dancer) another web community discussion board
LiveJournal Bellydancing Community - is an interactive weblog community- people post stuff & you can comment about it.  There are other dance-related communities on LJ as well as individual blogs.

 This is a hidden link to my LiveJournal blog, Strictly Dancing

Regular Events in the South-East of England

Hipnotic - Reading event- showcase, classes and haflah all in one! Every two months
Bellyworld - Silk Route - showcase, every two months in Balham, London.
Arabesque Nights - monthly themed showcase, in Chiswick, London.
Hafla on the Hill - monthly showcase, in North London


Festivals in the UK
Jewel of Yorkshire - based (perhaps unsurprisingly!) in Yorkshire, Shipley to be precise. Held twice a year, in April & October
Celebrating Dance - Held in Torquay, in October
Fantasia - Held in London, in December
Majma - Held in Glastonbury, in March


People I like

Just Because - A charity aiming to raise funds and promote awareness, prevention and early detection of breast cancer for women in Egypt.
Taste of Cairo - Tracey Gibbs Photography for dancers
InjuryFix - lots of information about Stretching as part of your Warm Up and Cool Down routines.

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