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Lycra Baladi Dress

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This pattern requires 150cms of Lycra (or other stretch fabric) 150cms wide. The pattern fits the fabric like this: 



If you haven't got an overlocker or other specialist equipment that can handle stretch fabrics, you can still use your ordinary sewing machine. When working with stretch fabrics, use a narrow zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. Also, you may find it more secure to sew seams twice, close together, though not overlapping, still with that narrow zig zag stitch.


Email me if you need specific sewing instructions on how to put these pieces together.


As I designed this pattern specifically for myself, the exact dimensions will probably need to be altered, for example as to bust size, full dress length, waist, etc. I would suggest making up a paper pattern first. However, the stretchiness of lycra can cover a multitude of sins!


The pattern above only gives you elbow length sleeves. If you prefer full length sleeves, you will need more fabric, about another 55cms, (a total of 2m05).


The pattern below shows how you can fit the two longer length sleeves end to end in the extra fabric allowance, using the same orientation. (This suits the finish of the lycra fabric.)



Mirage, wearing dresses made from this pattern

Mirage wearing dresses made from this pattern 

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Updated 27th August 2011