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Mirage and Ahlam


I believe wholeheartedly that Dance is a Performance Art, and while I appreciate that many students may choose not to perform, I want to provide opportunities to do so, for those of my students who wish to showcase their skills, whether this is in a public environment, such as a local fete, or a more dance-specific environment such as a Haflah, or a more private student-only environment.


As my students have gained in confidence I have tried to build on these performance opportunities and I am delighted to say that many of my students have stepped up to the mark, and done me proud!


Bentley Fete & Summer Show, 2009

Thanks to photographer Ken Kennedy for letting me use this photo

Saqarah, June 2010

Photographer: Maani Vadgama


My Farnham Improver/Intermediate level students dance as Mirage (and our thanks go to Ken for the inspired choice of troupe name!) and the Farnham Beginner level students dance as Ahlam


The next performance for Mirage and Ahlam will be at the Hipnotic event, Reading - 12th May 2013

Mirage in performance at the last Reading Haflah:


With many thanks to Frank Nutbrown, who recorded this performance.

Mirage in performance at the last Fantasia festival, London


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Updated 14th March 2013