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28th July 2010

Since this News Page has been rather overtaken by my blog, I thought it was easiest to discontinue it and refer you instead to the blog - Strictly Dancing - and to my Facebook Page.



Older News


4th October 2007

The Congress was every bit as much fun as I was hoping!



26th September 2007

Gosh, doesn't time fly...


I'm thrilled to be taking part in the International Bellydance Congress, at Butlins in Bognor Regis next weekend. I've been looking forward to it all year. I'm so excited I could squeal! So many wonderful teachers, so many performances, so much fun, so much shopping!


My other big news for the year is that I've been asked to help teach the JWAAD Foundation Course. I'm partly thrilled because Jo Wise & Kay Taylor who have been the principal teachers of the Foundation Course wanted me to help, but also because I know how useful it can be for new teachers who are trying to improve their knowledge & skills, and make sure they are teaching as well & safely as they can. If all goes well, there will be a course taking place early in the New Year, somewhere in the South-East of England. Watch this space!



30th December 2006

An Update in time for the New Year...


2007 is going to be an exciting year for dancers. We have a brand new Festival to look forward to- the International Bellydance Congress, at Butlins in Bognor Regis.  Go check out the Events Page, for more details.


I am teaching an extra class in Farnham, on Wednesday evenings, starting in mid-January. These are Beginners classes, intended for Complete Beginners, who have not had the benefit of the Autumn Term of classes, so it will concentrate on teaching the Basics that the existing students have already learned.
The existing Tuesday classes for Beginners will operate as a continuation class, for those students who have already done the Autumn Term of classes, so it will concentrate on developing the technique, choreography and interpretation skills which they have already gained.
The extra class is a response to the high demand for the Tuesday night Beginner classes. Numbers will be strictly limited, in view of the size of the room we have to work in.



28th February 2006

At last, an Update!


2006 looks like a bumper year for dancers. We have some very exciting events coming up, the first visit of the wonderful Aziza (of Montreal & Portland), the return of the gorgeous Yasmina, a new show with Khaled Mahmoud and a cast of International dancers and a return of the Bellydance Superstars.  Go check out the Events Page, I've just spent ages adding all the up to date information.


The Farha Tour, sponsored by Farida Dance will also be making a very welcome return in November this year, with the delicious Randa Kamal as the Headline dancer. No dates have been confirmed yet, but I'm keeping the whole of November free in my diary, to avoid disappointment!


One sad piece of news is that I decided I couldn't continue the Wednesday classes in Slough. This was the first class I ever taught in my own right, starting in 1995, and I still have existing students from then. I'm so sorry, ladies, you've been great!



17th September 2005

The classes start in earnest this week, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, as well as meeting new students.


Don't forget that I will be away for the week of 1st to 8th October, for the Dance Holiday in Spain.


The Happenings Show, at Guildford is definitely 10th December.  I'm hoping we'll be able to field two teams but it may end up being just one, especially as it may be difficult to schedule rehearsal time.


I have added a couple of hidden links to silly fun things.  If you're interested, look on the About Béatrice page



27th August 2005

I've just been told that the Guildford Classes are going to have a slightly different start-time this year- 7.30 for the Open level class & 8.30 for the Level 2 class.


There will be a Happenings Show, but the dates I've been given have been confusing- it could be the 3rd December, it could be 10th- I'm waiting for definite confirmation.



5th August 2005

I've just received my DVD of the Cairo Nights show!  I'm so excited!



2nd August 2005

Meret came over for the weekend so we could go over the plans for the courses we are teaching in Spain in October, especially the joint class we will be holding. We'd already got a vague idea of what we wanted to do, but we needed to spend some time crystallising those ideas, and being more specific about who was going to do what, and what music we wanted to use, and what angles we were going to take.  And though I say so myself, it's taking great shape.  It's going to be so great!



10th July 2005

I had a fabulous day at Tadley yesterday, doing the two workshops with Yasmina- fantastic teacher, I learned loads (as I always do with her). And in the evening was the Haflah hosted by Afra & Sara. Great fun and fab performances.  (Thank you to everyone who was complimentary about my performance). Yasmina was stunning as ever and danced to one of my favourite tracks, Asal wa Sukkar from her second CD, Heya Di Yasmina.


I have a couple of workshops booked for July & August in the Sutton/Wallington. The dates are definite and so are the topics.  The venue for the first one on 20th July is definite, too, but they are trying to find a more suitable venue for the August one. Details on the Workshops Page 



16th June 2005

The Guildford classes are definitely back on- so see you there Thursdays at 7.00.  There's a Capoeira class in after us, though, so we have to be out of the studio fairly promptly now.


We now have some more concrete ideas about the Slough classes next year.  As soon as I've finalised the details with Nan, I'll be posting them here.



10th June 2005

I don't believe it- I'm in Hello! Magazine!  It's the one with Kylie on the front, dated 2nd June, and although they used the stock image of a belly dancer, I am personally name-checked!  Click here for the press cutting.


We're trying to get Campusdance to reinstate the Thursday classes after a much better turn-out on Thursday- I'll keep you posted on progress...



5th June 2005

Unfortunately, another class is stopping early- this time the Guildford classes.  The numbers have been way down with exam time at the end of the university's Summer term.  The class is not financially viable at this level so the class on 9th July will be the last one.  Sorry everyone.


(On a very selfish level, this does mean I'll have the chance to go to Planet Egypt on 30th June, though...)



31st May 2005

Due to funding difficulties with Slough Borough Council (which has always subsidised the Adult Education classes I have taught in Maidenhead & Slough) I am sorry to say that the classes at Westgate School will no longer be run through East Berkshire College Adult Education.


But, please rest assured that we (Nan Billingham, who runs the admin side of things, and me) do want to continue the classes at Westgate, albeit on a non-subsidised basis, and we are hoping to keep the costs to the same sort of level that our students are used to.  So watch this space... 


I can't put on any of the usual Summer workshops at Westgate School, because of the refurbishment works going on there, so I decided to give myself a bit of a break from them this year, both in Farnham and Slough.  It won't be forever, and I may well be asked to teach workshops in the Summer months (Epsom is a possibility) and assuming this will be the case, I'll keep all the details posted on the Workshops Page.  In the meantime, I'll be teaching a couple of Taster workshops, for beginners, at the Dance Weekend at Beaumont House, Old Windsor, which is a beautiful venue with a fabulous dance studio.


On a happier note- I'm really looking forward to the Haflah in Oxford with Hathor. I've been allowed to perform, despite the *full* programme that they have planned, and it sounds like a brilliant time will be had by all.


And finally, although we aren't able to offer you a Desert Flame Reading Haflah, this Summer, there is a Next Best Thing that you may be interested in.  Saideh (Lynne, to those who know us) is running her own haflah on 16th July- at Leighton Park School, with Live Music, and with her delicious buffet and if you are interested, email me and I can let you have her contact details.



5th May 2005

I've just been told today that the 8.00 pm class at Guildford can no longer run. So from next week (12th May) the later class is amalgamated with the 7.00pm class.  Apologies to all.



27th March 2005

Wow, March was a fabulously exciting month.  The Cairo Nights show at Swindon with Yasmina, Aida Noor and (as an extra last-minute bonus) Dandesh, was magnificent.  I still haven't calmed down...  Major kudos to Kay of Farida Dance and everyone who helped her to make it happen.  I was so pleased to be able to take a workshop with Dandesh too.  The word is that Kay will be organizing another show like this, for the end of next year, so if you are kicking yourself for missing it (and if you missed it you really should be kicking yourself!) all is not lost.  Also the Liverpool show was filmed and Farida should be bringing that out on video, which won't quite be the same as being there yourself, but will be a reminder for those of us who saw the show live and a taster for those who didn't.



4th March 2005

The dates for the end of term at Slough has been changed, because of the week I missed, and the start date for the Summer Term at Farnham has been revised.  So I have updated the Calendar Page.



13th January 2005

The Dance Holiday in Vejer has now been confirmed and I've put the basic details here.  Dance Holidays have a spanking new website, with lots more information, so go and have a look there for all the administrative details.


The Dance of Hope Benefit Show in South London is looking more and more amazing- the list of performers is really impressive.  Afra al-Kahira now has the flyer available for download at her site.



6th January 2005

A Happy New Year to all.


This New Year is bringing a few more exciting things...


Firstly, Afra al Kahira is organising a benefit show in support of the Tsunami Appeal on 29th January in Croydon.  As you may well imagine, this is being set up at fairly short notice, and we don't have many details yet, but I've put the date in the Events List and will update it as & when things get confirmed to me.  I should be taking part in the Show and the event is being supported by many other dancers in the South East of England.  I hope you will be able to join us.


Secondly, I've been invited to dance in the Salisbury Flowers of the Desert Show in April- again, I've put the details in the Events List.


I've also been invited to give a Seminar on Safety at Majma in Glastonbury in March. 


So, what with all that and Fantasia as well, I'm going to be a busy little bunny this Spring.


At the moment the details of the Dance Holiday in Autumn have not yet been formally confirmed to me, but I'll be posting the details as soon as I know them for definite.



1st December 2004

I had a fabulous time at Charlotte's South London Haflah- next time she does one, go- I heartily recommend it.  She's a great event organiser and a beautiful dancer.  The food was delicious and the dance music was excellent- it got everyone up on the floor and shimmying the night away.


The Bellydance Superstars will be back in the Spring- the dates have been announced for April & May.  I'm posting the dates of the shows near me/my classes, but for everyone else, the official website will have the details of all the other performances- click on Tours & Events, then scroll down to 20th April onwards.  I gather there will be some different performers this time around, so even if you saw it this Autumn, it will be a bit different this time around.



13th October 2004

It’s Catch Up Time!


The holiday in Vejer was fantastic- for the quick review click here- I’m working on a more detailed article and a pictures page, but this month is hectic, and it may not happen immediately.  The good news is that Dance Holidays have asked Meret & me to do it all again next year, so if you missed out this time round, there’s likely to be another chance.  We’re already talking about what we want to repeat & what we want to do differently, to make the experience better for our students.   And  because both of us have a clearer idea of what’s involved we think it will be even more interesting, exciting and fun in 2005.


I loved the workshops I did with the Bellydance Superstars.  I’d only really planned to go to Jillina’s, because I’m trying to save my dance pennies to go the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo next year.  But when I found out that there were still places on Rachel Brice’s workshop, I decided it was fated that I should go to it, so I did that one as well.  Jillina’s workshop was as good as I expected, she taught some fun combinations which slotted together into a pop choreography, as well as explaining how to adapt those combinations and personalise them.  A very generous teacher.  Rachel’s workshop was totally different, but just as interesting and challenging.  As my students know already, I do Egyptian style not Tribal, but I wanted to get a feel for Rachel’s unique style and technique.  This was mainly basic drills for standard moves, but it was interesting to see Rachel’s particular slant on these standards and to see how Tribal differs from my own style.


The Bellydance Superstars Show was amazing- professional, beautiful and exciting.  There will be many reviews out there, I’m sure, so there’s little point in me adding my own.  They will be coming back to the UK next year as part of another European Tour.  The whole Bellydance Superstars week has given a massive boost to the UK scene, and been an inspiration to all of us.



20th September 2004

The Farnham & Slough classes start back this week- it will be lovely to see you all again, as well as meeting a whole new bunch of Beginners (and enticing them into the wonderful sparkly world of Belly Dance!).


The holiday in Spain starts on Sunday- whooooo... I'm ticking the days off on the calendar!  I'm really looking forward to meeting a new set of dance friends.  It sounds like Kati, the local organiser has a fabulous itinerary planned for us.  I had to do a bit of last minute lesson plan reorganisation, to take that into account, but it has all worked out fine.


October looks like being a bumper dance month- As soon as I get back from Vejer, it's the Bellydance Superstars shows, with the workshops at the weekend of 9th & 10th October.  Then I have a weekend in Wales, teaching some workshops there on 16th & 17th.  The following weekend it's Fantasia (with the delightful Samasem as star teacher).



7th September 2004

The Guildford classes start back this week- as ever, I've missed teaching the regular classes, and I'm raring to go again.


Reminder- the start date of the Guildford classes is a week earlier than I had originally posted.  We start back on Thursday 9th September.


I have at last got started on the various choreographies for the Autumn Term, for all three classes.  We'll be using "Al Sa'idi" from Hassan Abou Seoud's  "Saher el Accordeon" CD for the Guildford Intermediates classes, "Mandeel el Helwo" from the CD "Saher el Sax" (by Mostafa Sax) in the Farnham Intermediates classes and the ever-popular "Ala Reemsh Ayunha" (on various different CDs) in the Slough Intermediates classes.


And we're coasting towards the Dance Holiday in Spain now- I can't believe it's only a couple of weeks away!



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