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It used to be that whenever you searched on Google (OK, I admit to self-googling, doesn't everyone?) my site would come up as number two on the list with number one being the Internet Movie Database entry for an obscure 1930s Hollywood actress who shares my name (minus the accent, of course), here.


Just check out the names of some of the films she made (or as seems quite likely from the listings, the films she had minor bit-parts in).  I would have loved to have been in a movie called "Good Girls Go to Paris" or "Theodora Goes Wild" or "The Lady Objects"!  Or how about "Slippery Silks"?


And then I looked at the dates.  My birthday is 18th December 1963.  Beatrice died 26th March 1963, just about nine months before I was born.  So (cue the Twighlight Zone music) maybe I was in all those movies after all...




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Updated 24th January 2010