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Please note:

I do not teach Private Classes to Beginners - I believe Beginners need to learn in a group context, and not in isolation.



All private & semi-private lessons will be charged at £30 per hour per person. Any studio rental costs will be in addition to my hourly rate.


Possible Topics for Private Lessons

Private Lessons will generally be of one hour or one & a half hours, to include Warm Up & Cool Down. Longer sessions may be considered, but not shorter ones. Anything less than one hour does not give enough time for the warm up, some reasonable dance time & cool down. Please remember that private lessons can be very intense, and it may not be productive to schedule sessions of more than 2 hours.

A private lesson will be most useful if we can establish in advance what you will be working on. You may want to think about:

  • General Technique- including matters of general Technique, such as Posture, Grounding, Isolation, Internalising, etc, as well as moves, steps & combinations
  • Specific Technique (although this would have to be balanced- It is not recommended to be doing the same move for an hour or more, and it would be very boring for all concerned!)- Going through variations for any of the basic moves, e.g. Camels, Shimmies, Egyptian Walks...
  • Egyptian Styles (Classical, Modern Oriental, Baladi, Folkloric)
  • Specific Skills, such as Veilwork, Melaya-Lef, Stick (only if a venue with a suitable ceiling height can be found)
  • Improvisation
  • Learning one of my choreographies (I can create a choreography specially for the student, by arrangement)
  • Working on a Student’s own choreography


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Updated 1st October 2014