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The following are teachers who have been particularly influential in my dance development, and I owe all of them, as well as all my other teachers over the years, an enormous debt of thanks.

Afra al-Kahira
Afra was my first teacher & she was the one who first encouraged me to take my dance training seriously & to develop myself. She promoted the Art of Improvisation in her classes, which is a great contribution to the dance world- we need more dancers with good improvisation skills. She also encouraged me to start teaching, for which I will be eternally grateful, as teaching is one of the joys of my life.

Liza Wedgwood
Liza was my second great influence & she could always draw something out of me even on days when I wasn’t feeling very inspired. A teacher of the Hilal School of Raqs Sharqi (now the Raqs Sharqi Society), she did a great deal to foster strong technique, & self-expression.

Josephine Wise
I first got to know Jo when I wanted to train as a teacher. She & Maggie had just set up their Teacher Training Intensive & I started to go to a load of their workshops. Jo's invaluable advice encouraged me to extend my horizons and to let my natural exuberance and enjoyment of the dance show through.

Maggie Caffrey
I got to know Maggie when I enrolled for the first Teacher Training Intensive that she & Jo were organising. Maggie opened a whole new world of Technique to me & also encouraged me to think a lot more about the authenticity of the moves I was using.

Leila Haddad
Leila has been an inspiration both on the technical level and also as a performer. She has a supreme understanding of the demands that Stage work imposes.

Shareen el Safy
I take as many workshops with this charismatic teacher as I can. Her theory on posture makes such good sense, and it makes it so much easier to dance in the modern Egyptian style.  I credit Shareen with being the first teacher who led me to my own dance style. 

Raqia Hassan
I love Raqia's modern style and take as many workshops with her as I can, for that authentic Egyptian joie-de-vivre, as well as her strong technique. I credit Raqia as the teacher, along with Shareen, who helped me find my own dance style.

For an exhaustive list of teachers I have worked with, click here. These seven teachers are simply those who I believe have had the greatest influence on me as a Dancer, to date.

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Updated 24th January 2010