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A List of Movements

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This is not a breakdown of what all the movements are, just a list of the various basic moves that I teach, by way of a reminder.  If you want to know how to do a move, you'll have to come to class!




- Side to Sides
   - singles, doubles (threes), "mince"
   - flat-footed, on toes, travelling, pivoting

- Forward Backs
   - changeovers- tap, hop, pose, 123 step, Arabesque
   - flat-footed, on toes, pivoting
   - adding circle, double hit, abdominal lock, horsestep, swerve

- Hip Drops
   - plain, forward & back (body twist), 4 going back/forward in a row
   - hip drop with foot-flick (release), on the spot, pivoting (on the forward, or on the back)

- Hip Pushes
   - plain, forward & back, 4 going back/forward in a row
   - step push- plain, cross-step push, twisting hip push, 180° turn step push

- Hip Lifts




- Rotations
   - varying sizes, half rotations (with or without accent), adding stops, pivoting
   - tilting hip circles (corkscrew)

- Hip Circles (Single Sided)
   - horizontal in either direction, vertical forwards/backwards, vertical to side inwards/outwards
   - pivoting

- Figure 8 Horizontal
   - plain front-to-back, undulating front-to-back, plain back-to-front, undulating back-to-front
   - varying sizes, adding stops 

- Figure 8 Vertical
   - Up & out, up & in, down & out

- Camel
   - flat-footed, on toes, walking




- Hip Shimmies
   - on the spot, side to side, body twist, dipping, 
   - stepping forward, back, to sides, walking

- Shoulder Shimmies
   - Stepping forward, back, to sides, tilting the ribcage

- Body Shimmies




- Walk
   - Baladi Walk, Sharqi Walk, 123 (slip-step), 123 [accent] walk

- Egyptian Walk
   - 123-EE, Shift lift drop

- Grapevines

- Arabesque
   - 123-whoo, 1-whoo-34

- Side Step
   - Flat-footed, on toes, back heel accent

- Turns
   - 3-step turns, half open turns (with various accents), Sufi turn


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Updated 24th January 2010