A Very Old Choreography!

A Very Old Choreography!

When I changed the website, I decided I was going to post some of my older choreography notes. I’m a lot less precious about them these days! This one is one of my favourites. It dates back to 2009.

The music is El Dooa, and it came from a CD of workshop music from Aida Noor. I’ve tried many times to find out more about it, but despite my all my internet searches, I really don’t know anything more than the title.

This piece started as a short scrap of choreography, made up on the fly, when an event organiser asked me at a day’s notice for a Taster workshop on stickwork. Having started it, I decided I liked it enough to develop it a bit further, and make something more of it. I’d recently done a workshop with Hassan Khalil, and he’d taught a choreography where a veil was used like a stick. I decided I was going to steal that idea, but change it to using the stick like a veil. That section is about a minute into the routine.

I taught it to my Improvers class in the summer term, and in December we had the opportunity to perform it at Fantasia.

My teaching video for El Dooa is extremely old and ropey! It really makes me appreciate how digital technology and video upload quality have improved beyond measure in the last 10 years! It was one of the earliest videos I created, as a teaching/learning aid to help students, shooting from the back, so that they would get the view that they normally get when I’m teaching choreography in class.

The notes for the choreography are here, if you want to follow along: El Dooa.

And here is our Fantasia performance. My student troupe is called Mirage, and we used this in our repertoire for a couple more years.

Happy days!

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