Student Resources


For new students, wanting to buy hip belts, or other dance gear, these are suppliers that I know are reliable, provide good quality items and have great customer service.

Bellydance Boutique are in East Sheen, not too far away from us in Surrey, run by Krystina, and you could arrange to visit her to choose your pretties in person, if you wanted to.

Farida Dance, run by Kay is a bit further away, in Newcastle, so you’d have to trust to the colour accuracy of your monitor/laptop/phone.

Zara’s Zouk is based in Walthamstow, although Zara herself is a dancer in Cairo! Her mum Sandra takes care of business here, and again, if you want to see the goods up close and personal, you can visit the Zouk.

I’m more than happy to recommend all three of these shops, because I’ve known these ladies for years. I like being able to support women running their own businesses! Also, I know that they all get their stock from Cairo, and I know the businesses they get their stock from, and I know that their goods are well-made and ethically produced, providing work for women, including home-work, allowing them to earn their own money in a society which doesn’t necessarily make that very easy. I feel that when I spend my money with these businesses, I’m giving something back to the women of Egypt whose dance I am borrowing.