Student Resources


In Spring/Summer 2019, we will be starting on Veilwork, using Silk veils. There will be plenty of veils available to borrow, but if you wish to acquire your own, you could try the following vendors, whose customer service is excellent. It’s worth calling them up, to see if they have any other colourways that aren’t yet on their websites.

Bellydance Boutique are not too far away from us in Surrey, and you could arrange to visit them to choose your veil in person, if you wanted to.

Farida Dance are a bit further away, in Newcastle, so you’d have to trust to the colour accuracy of your monitor.

Akai Silks are pricey but gorgeous, because they are hand-painted. A lot of my veils are from Akai.

As I’ve said, there’s no need to buy a veil for class. The techniques that we use are for silk veils, which have a particular quality of movement. If you have a veil made from some other fabric (e.g. chiffon, organza, tissue lamé, liquid lamé), you may find that the techniques don’t work in quite the same way, but they can still be gorgeous, so do bring yours along to see what different effects you can get!


In the new terms we will be developing technique, and working on how we can adapt basic techniques to make it more interesting, or meet our choreographic needs, and we’ll also be working on Step Combinations to use as small choreographic blocks.


We will be building up our skills and confidence to work more improvisationally.