Whoop, whoop!!! I’m going to JoY!!!

Whoop, whoop!!! I’m going to JoY!!!

The Jewel of Yorkshire festival is always a delight (I decided against using the pun!) to attend. It’s so friendly and welcoming, and they always have a fantastic array of teachers.

This year is their 15th year anniversary, and they have one of my very favourite of the current dance stars as their headline teacher – Aziza of Cairo! I love her style – I’ve seen her performing in Cairo on a couple of occasions, and I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to book two of her workshops, and I can get to see her dancing up close.

The thing I love about Aziza’s style is how soft and relaxed it appears to be. Of course, it’s very much an appearance of relaxed-ness, because she’s got a delicious strength that supports it. It’s just that the strength isn’t so obvious, compared to other dancers such as Randa or Sahar.

This is an old video, but it shows her style perfectly:

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